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Men Don't Leave

Instrueret af Paul Brickman
USA, 1990


A woman (Jessica Lange) begins life anew after the death of her husband.

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Men Don't Leave Instrueret af Paul Brickman

Priser & festivaler

National Society of Film Critics Awards

1991 | 3. plads: Best Actress

Chicago Film Critics Association Awards

1991 | 2 nomineringer inklusiv: Most Promising Actress


A finely tuned family melodrama about the loss of a husband and father – and the aftershocks of grief – it failed to find an audience and swiftly disappeared from view. Brickman has not directed a feature since. Men Don’t Leave should have been the start of the next phase of his career instead of an abrupt end. It is a film of empathy and grace, led by a thorny performance by Jessica Lange as a widowed, exhausted single mother trying to raise two kids and make ends meet.
November 22, 2016
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Risky Business was a cynical teen pic with a bite in its tail, brilliantly realized yet also rather glib; there the cheerfully rattling and pulsing minimalist score was a perfect match for the complacencies of the story. Men Don’t Leave, which is far from cynical, sets out to tackle a genre with much richer possibilities — the soap opera or domestic weepie — and succeeds almost as well in certain respects.
March 02, 1990
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