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Men, Women & Children

Instrueret af Jason Reitman
USA, 2014


Featuring a sterling ensemble cast — including Emma Thompson, Judy Greer, Adam Sandler, and Rosemarie DeWitt — the new film from Jason Reitman offers a poignant look at the many ways that the internet has changed the relationships between teenagers and their parents.

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Men, Women & Children Instrueret af Jason Reitman


There are some predictably atrocious moments, but nothing on the order of the peach-pie bake in Labor Day, and while the dramaturgy is laughably bland—two black characters of minor importance and one gay guy in an otherwise snake-hipped, well-complexioned Anglo ensemble—the repugnant neo-conservatism of Thank You For Smoking and Up in the Air is barely felt at all. Sad to say but it seems we can’t even count on this filmmaker for LOLs (that’s web vernacular, ICYDK) anymore.
September 07, 2014
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Individually, each of these mini-narratives is at best egregiously tone-deaf. Intercut to form an alarmist state of the union address (complete with a pretentious framing device involving Voyager 1’s journey beyond our solar system), they collectively cross the line into outright laughable. Reitman has never exactly been renowned for his subtlety, but between this ghastly misfire and Labor Day, he seems to have completely lost touch with any notion of how human beings actually behave…
September 07, 2014
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…The first Reitman film to make the 36-year-old director seem about 400 years old… Swiveling between these strands and others with a diffidence that begins to feel obnoxious (often, the actors have text bubbles floating over their heads), Reitman creates an antitech Babel of little analytic merit. It’s not that these problems aren’t serious ones, only that his modern-day Reefer Madness isn’t the film to start the discussion.
September 07, 2014
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