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Bedømmelser & anmeldelser

  1. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Monos

    Another in a bumper crop of recent Colombian films about intrastate conflict, Monos plunges us into the lives of child soldiers with aesthetic verge and, thankfully, zero gratuitousness. While a bit long, it balances memorable characters with highly affective (and effective) leaps into abstraction; an entirely apt approach for depicting a conflict in which ideology has dissipated & war has become an end in itself.

  2. John Woodall's rating of the film Monos

    I think I'm still trying to collect my thoughts about this movie. There are elements of this film that really impressed me in quite a significant way. The music, locations, and actors were some of the strongest points of this film, and I'd recommend watching it for these alone. The plot and pacing feel like a bit of a mess for me, as it switches from weak structures of cliche to brief moments of brilliance.