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Museum Hours

Instrueret af Jem Cohen
Østrig, USA, 2012


Da en vagt på et museum i Wien bliver venner med en enigmatisk gæst, bliver det store kunsthistoriske kunstmuseum en mystisk krydsvej, med gløder af deres liv, byen, og af hvordan kunstværker reflekterer og former verden…

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Museum Hours Instrueret af Jem Cohen
Even if the film could be said to start with a meet cute, the relationship that subtly and tenderly grows from this eschews the illusory end-point of certainty of conventional screen romance. It exquisitely underscores instead the fleeting fragility of connections within eternal change and loneliness, and the fact that all we really have are moments – the startling beauty of which might just be enough.
June 22, 2017
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The considerable time he gives each shot forces the viewer to contemplate the images as if they were all artwork. This process never becomes tiresome or didactic; instead, the message is delivered so subtly and gently that one cannot help but be carried away by the ebb and flow of the film’s lulling pace.
December 22, 2013
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While it is possible to say what the movie is about, it is much more difficult to encapsulate what the movie is. In its modest and unassuming way it is a total experience, composed of people, sights, sounds, history, travel, argument, speculation, fantastic beauty and ordinary life, woven together and maintained in aerodynamic tension. It is no more reducible than a day in spring.
December 17, 2013
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