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Of Time and the City

Instrueret af Terence Davies
Storbritannien, 2008


Director Terence Davies’ love song and eulogy to his birthplace of Liverpool. It is also a response to memory, reflection and watching as the skyline changes into something unrecognizable.

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Of Time and the City Instrueret af Terence Davies
It’s both a first person historical essay and a visual poem. Combining archival and newsreel footage, it is layered with Davies’ intimate voiceover of readings from Eliot, Dickinson, and Chekhov, personal recollections, and his carefully curated musical accents. It is both warm and biting; a melancholy (farewell) love letter, which is also, like so much of Davies’ work, very funny.
September 20, 2017
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Terence Davies blends tender emotion with deliciously irreverent, savage wit in his highly personal and poetic documentary-collage of Liverpool.
February 09, 2016
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Upon a second viewing, my admiration for this film remains at a slight remove. Whether it’s the candid reflections on specifically Liverpoolian rites of passage, the sometimes too-florid (for my taste, at least) baritone narration of Davies himself, or the identity of the filmmaker as a homosexual working-class outcast (something only so much empathetic guesswork can account for), I’ve always felt a certain opaqueness here.
November 27, 2013
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