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Instrueret af Todd Solondz
USA, 2004
Komedie, Drama


12-year-old Aviva is determined to be a mother and does everything she can to achieve this. When her sensible mother intervenes, Aviva runs away from home. As a wanderer, she ends up in a strange world that is itself pregnant with chances, (maternal) insights, bizarre figures and experiences.

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Palindromer Instrueret af Todd Solondz
Palindromes makes its arguments with an authority worthy of the greatest Roman orators. Just as they can momentarily persuade us of their point of view about things we’ve never heard of and wouldn’t give a shit about even if we had, so Solondz makes us accept his definition of reality for 100 tense minutes of bleak brilliance.
May 12, 2005
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In his bracing new film Palindromes, niceness is not, as it is in most attacks on petit-bourgeois mores, code for hypocrisy, but a sincerely intended and largely unconscious cover for the most unspeakable forms of domination.
April 14, 2005
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Taken as a series of shorts, Palindromes offers many pleasures. Its characters are basically live-action cartoons, but several of the actors, making the most of Solondz’s excellent dialogue, turn them into charming monsters.
April 01, 2005
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