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기생충 | Gisaengchoong

Instrueret af Bong Joon-ho
Sydkorea, 2019
Drama, Thriller


All unemployed, Ki-taek’s family takes peculiar interest in the wealthy and glamorous Parks for their livelihood until they get entangled in an unexpected incident.

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Parasite Instrueret af Bong Joon-ho
Bong, who seemed pleased with the film’s reception, said that for the first time he felt that he was not simply working in established genres but that he had found his own form. I agree, and so must have the jury. The decision to award the Palme to Parasite was unanimous.
July 01, 2019
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Bong greatly expands the subterranean metaphor in Parasite, which looks at the culture of underground living in Seoul–a literal lower class forced by economic necessity to live in basements or semi-basements–to deliver a withering assessment of the social stratification in his native South Korea.
May 25, 2019
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A vivid work of behaviorist cinema, seeing what people do under specific circumstances in a specific environment.
May 23, 2019
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  • ig_____or's rating of the film Parasite

    To call it "Shoplifters with an edge" would be reducible and unfair. One of the most highly entertaining films of the year, where everything can happen... and, in fact, it does. Challenges conventions and expectations, while keeping you at the edge of your seat. Brilliant work by Bong Joon-Ho!

  • João Eça's rating of the film Parasite

    class war between 3 families is full of surprises, plot twists, and unexpected bursts of violence which reveal a sordid capitalist society where parasites are only taking each other's place. sometimes sentimental and obvious, i would prefer if it were all fun

  • josé neves's rating of the film Parasite

    Cinema. "Memories of Murder" and "The Host" have set Joon-ho apart in contemporary cinema, and if his subsequent films have not always confirmed these heights, they have not denied it either, and this formal genre-matching exercise only confirms it again, with a sense of suspension belief and pop liberation that, for example, surpasses the recent Tarantino films. It's also, as usual, a far-reaching political act.

  • Jason's rating of the film Parasite

    Upstairs Downstairs films, so-called; usually dramas about the wealth and the help, but some of them have been known to include pockets of hilarity (I'm lookin' at you, RÈGLE DU JEU.) Bong's unceasingly appealing PARASITE invokes this tradition, even just in terms of spatial coordination. The reason it is already a Classic is because, like the best Korean films, it does persistently unfamiliar things w/ the familiar.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Parasite

    Yet another great film about class and power by Bong. The shifts between humour and witty dialogue towards darker and murkier waters are expertly handled. Both pacing and editing is first rate keeping the momentum throughout. Sure there are small stretches where the movie treads a bit of water and ending is great but could´ve packed a bigger punch.

  • Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Parasite

    Parasite offers a lot of wicked pleasures, providing you with a delightfully insane cinematic experience. This is pretty strong filmmaking admittedly and one of the best films of the year in its genre. (4.5 stars)

  • Bilouaustria's rating of the film Parasite

    CINEMA _ The last 30 minutes or so keep me from liking this more : it falls again into some clichés and tendencies of korean cinema. But you recognize immediately BJH’s identity, he juggles as usual well mixing violence and humour with an excellent editing. It is over the top and theatrical in a good way. The heart of the movie, the sequence at night is from far my favorite but the social satire isn’t new nor clever.

  • OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Parasite

    Parasite starts off meshing the loveable rogue character aesthetic of The Handmaiden with Koreeda's Shoplifters before taking a most welcome and masterful tumble down into the basement and head-on into a searing teardown of class, consumerism and notions of poverty. The toilet scene spewing filth is absolutely ridiculous yet manages to hit a tonal bullseye. 5 stars

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