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Party Day

Dia de festa

Instrueret af Sofia Bost
Portugal, 2019


Mena lives alone with her daughter Clara. Today is Clara’s seventh birthday. Despite her limited financial resources, Mena still manages to organise a birthday party. But after a phone call from her mother, she becomes distraught and anxious.

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Party Day Instrueret af Sofia Bost

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  • saitosouta's rating of the film Party Day

    Cannes #2019 No.5: it's like "the less you describe, the more the essence of the story appears from it" feature Portuguese ver. But sadly, the sequences which dir. Bost depicts are so boring and unremarkable that they don't hook us at all. Maybe it reflects the reality of a Portuguese woman who struggles to live in this ruthless world, still its sparsity make me ignore this short. Very inept dailylife for movie.

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