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Persona - sonate for to


Instrueret af Ingmar Bergman
Sverige, Brasilien, 1966
Drama, Avantgarde, LGBT+


I midten af 60’erne havde Bergman allerede lavet de fleste af filmhistoriens mest uforglemmelige billeder. Men med den radikale Persona opnåede han nye højder! En sygeplejerske arbejder for en skuespiller, som ikke taler og føler, at hendes personlighed smelter sammen med hendes egen.

Persona - sonate for to Instrueret af Ingmar Bergman
What I love the way that Bergman used the medium as a form of expression. . . . And the moment when the faces of the two women are combined into one face—I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful and horrible at the same time.
June 01, 2018
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In its opening and closing passages . . . [the young boy’s] gesture evokes both the infant’s need for the mother’s reciprocal gaze and Melanie Klein’s theory of the “good breast” vs. the “bad breast,” in which fluctuations between dependency and repulsion are only resolved when the child accepts that both breasts belong to the same person. Its projections onto the breast are thus the first instances of the dream screen, against which the child’s conflicting emotions enact a primal cinema.
February 05, 2018
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The summit of Bergman’s career. . . . The film’s extreme visual inflection transforms the meticulous study of their day-to-day wrangles into symbols of psychological disturbance. With uncomfortably intense closeups, disorienting angles, harsh contrasts, and abrupt editing, along with dream imagery and fantasy sequences, he evokes his prime subject: the inner life, and, above all, his own turbulent visions.
February 02, 2018
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