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Yûheisha - terorisuto

Instrueret af Masao Adachi
Japan, 2007
Drama, Thriller


During a suicide attack on an airport, the hand grenade of ‘M’, one of three terrorists, malfunctions and he is captured. Exposed to maltreatment in prison he slowly loses his grip on reality, as he is forced to confront his ideological convictions.

Denne film spiller ikke i øjeblikket på MUBI, men 30 andre gode film gør. Se hvad der vises nu
Prisoner/Terrorist Instrueret af Masao Adachi


While the film’s aesthetics are simpler than those of the earlier films, and the mise-en-scène borders on drab, Adachi’s investment in the story, feverish imagination (various hallucinatory scenes), and desire to show all the stages of a prisoner’s mental and physical disintegration compensate for the glaring shortcomings.
December 12, 2016
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