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Instrueret af David Cronenberg
Canada, 1981
Rædsel, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Et kapløb om telepatiske mennesker, der har evnen til at “scanne” andre mennesker og læse deres tanker, kontrollere deres bevægelser og endda overtage deres bevidsthed. De fleste Scannere er harmløse, men der er én, som ikke er det. Han vil opbygge en psykisk hær for at overtage verden.

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Scanners Instrueret af David Cronenberg

Priser & festivaler

Genie Awards

1982 | 8 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Motion Picture

Watching from the sidelines is the Cronenbergian monster-sculptor (Robert Silverman), a “telepathic curiosity” hiding in a giant stone noggin in his expressionistic atelier. (He taps his temples: “My art… keeps me sane.”) The mind and its visceral spillage, the swirling gray matter that turns crimson before a stupefied audience, a Dalí gag (Tête Raphaëlesque éclatée).
September 28, 2015
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Scanners ages well. In a cinema presently glutted with pandering hero fantasies of the “one” who’s meant to liberate us from corrupt drudgery, it’s refreshing to revisit a movie that looks upon such pat optimism with contempt. Angry, narratively pared, and memorably lit in shades of industrial fugue-state gray by cinematographer Mark Irwin, the film certainly fulfills Cronenberg’s narrow design, which is also the rub.
July 16, 2014
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Every special effect is an idea, and Scanners packs some gnarly hypotheses. The notorious exploding head sequence, originally planned as the opening scene and an object of consternation for the MPAA, is both an outrageous demonstration of telepathic power run amok and the crystallization of a rigorous thematic.
July 07, 2014
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