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Instrueret af Woody Allen
USA, Storbritannien, 2006
Komedie, Krimi, Fantasy


A dead British reporter hands tenacious journalism student, Sondra, the scoop of a lifetime while she is visiting friends in London. However, all the clues are leading to the aristocrat she is dangerously falling for.

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Scoop Instrueret af Woody Allen

Priser & festivaler

Goya Awards

2007 | Kandidat: Best European Film


Allen doesn’t get us to care much about any of the characters here. Sondra’s a bit of a dumbbell, and she isn’t charming. Her English roommate is, but like Jane Cook, she’s just another bit of plot machinery. And Lyman’s such a standard-issue playboy he periodically seems to evaporate from the screen himself. Only Allen as the wiseass Splendini comes across as having much depth or character. But that’s probably just because he’s familiar—we’ve seen him so often we can fill in the blanks.
July 27, 2006
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