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Searching for Sugar Man

Instrueret af Malik Bendjelloul
Sverige, Storbritannien, 2012


Rodriguez was the greatest ’70s US rock icon who never was. Hailed as the greatest recording artist of his generation he disappeared into oblivion – rising again from the ashes in a completely different context many miles away.

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Searching for Sugar Man Instrueret af Malik Bendjelloul

Priser & festivaler

Academy Awards

2013 | Vinder: Best Documentary, Features

Sundance Film Festival

2012 | 2 vindere including: Special Jury Prize (World Cinema Documentary Competition)

Village Voice Film Poll

2012 | Kandidat: Best Documentary Feature Film

Searching for Sugar Man is ultimately an ode to Rodriguez’s artistic modesty and the power of his music—a rousing crowd-pleaser that asks you to save questions for another film.
August 09, 2012
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Bendjelloul is a natural dramatist with bags of visual flair. And though it’s not clear how tortuous the quest to find Rodriguez really was, we fall in willingly with the quest as the director cuts excitable testimony from fans with romantically murky old footage of Rodriguez with thumbnail sketches of Detroit.
July 26, 2012
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While occasionally the movie teeters close to embracing bromides about the universal healing power of pop culture, there’s too much sincerity in “Searching for Sugar Man,” too much love and enduring human mystery for cynicism to take hold. In the end Mr. Bendjelloul went looking for a man and found something much greater.
July 26, 2012
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