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Secret Agent

Подвиг разведчика

Instrueret af Boris Barnet
Sovjetunionen, 1947
Drama, Thriller, Krig


Soviet agent Fedotov must cross over into Nazi occupied Ukraine and steal the correspondences of a high ranking Nazi general with Hitler.

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Secret Agent Instrueret af Boris Barnet

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  • Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Secret Agent

    Barnet was an essentially comic director who could knock out a fine dramatic feature when he had to. One rarely feels his total engagement to these sorts of films, but hard to deny their expertise. I wonder if he'd had a chance to see any American films at war's end, because this suspenseful cloak-and-dagger flick is "Hitchcockian" indeed. As in DARK IS THE NIGHT, Barnet casts himself as a sadistic Nazi officer.

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