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Instrueret af Lina Rodriguez
Canada, Colombia, 2013


En fin, kontemplativ og dybt intim undersøgelse af en ung kvindes måde at håndtere følelser, sex, begær og identitet på.

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Señoritas Instrueret af Lina Rodriguez

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  • Lucas Jordan's rating of the film Señoritas

    Senoritas by Lina Rodriguez tells a good but not great coming of age story of latin women. It showcases very vibrant colors and cinematography that portrays how colorful and mysterious life can sometimes become while going through adolescence. However, the film sometimes struggles with an abnormal shot composition and pacing issues that sometimes break the fantasy that this film tries to invite its audience into.

  • Nicholas Gomez's rating of the film Señoritas

    The movie as a whole was a marvelous visual of Alejandra and her journey through adolescence. Not only can many teens relate in some way, but there is also direct attention to who she is as a woman, and where she stands in society.

  • Korial's rating of the film Señoritas

    The stark simplicity of the cinematic language, the rarity of dramatic events, and a skilled recreation of atmospheres, all these elements allows us to ponder on a couple of issues. First, the emptiness of señorita's life. Second, a woman's struggle for independence is a walk on an avenue at night. Think in similar terms if you are going to watch this movie: What kind of reasoning is behind what is shown?

  • Drew.'s rating of the film Señoritas

    More in common with Chantal Akerman than Lena Dunham and also wholly itself. Discoveries like this are why I subscribe to MUBI.

  • chicajomles's rating of the film Señoritas

    87 min on how a middle-class girl do the following: masturbates before breakfast, masters the art of tacky flirting, has drunk (& not so much sober) sex, walks home alone at night ignoring cat calls, has heart-to-heart talks about hypothetic pregnancies & abortions, switches anger feelings towards her mother into guilt & pretends she's totally cool when her crush treats her like a disposable napkin. Real life sucks.

  • Eric Rucker's rating of the film Señoritas

    In a similar conceptual/formal geography as It Felt Like Love, and Nuit #1. Powerful stuff but needs critical thinking and a shift of mind that most won’t be capable of, but it is fine with that, and becomes an opening, a clearing, for thoughts and images to start to move toward. All 3 are important filmmaking, especially thinking historically. Thank you, MUBI! Courage! The reviews show we need more of this not less.

  • Leo's rating of the film Señoritas

    I think the negative reviews here may be from a lack of patience for slow narrative movement and the capacity to think about why you’re seeing something. Allowing the mind to wander through its associations by drawn out time may be what makes the film so compelling... such as the walk at night, so simple yet so tense. Or the complicity of youthfulness. Profundity found in examinations of the mundane.

  • Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Señoritas

    Written and directed by Lina Rodriguez, this look at the life of a young girl figuring out how she feels about her friends, herself, and sex feels impressively authentic in places. It's just a shame that it's not quite as tight or pointed as it could have been. Still, Maria Serrano does great in the lead role and there's enough to make viewers ask themselves questions while the youngsters have loaded conversations.

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