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September Storm

Instrueret af Byron Haskin
USA, 1960
Eventyr, Krimi


A young, handsome man works on the yacht of a Parisian tycoon who happens to be away at the moment. Two nautical layabouts convince the man to take them out looking for the sunken treasure.

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September Storm Instrueret af Byron Haskin

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  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film September Storm

    *1/2. Seen in 3-D. Formulaic treasure hunt story set in the Mediterranean Sea. There's one shark involved (the poor fish seemed very but very old, it was lended by the local Aquarium I presume), a storm (We're in September according to the title), a Flamenco number and Joanne Dru with her nine bathing suits (You can check, I'm right). Already forgotten, I'm afraid.

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