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Silver Lode

Instrueret af Allan Dwan
USA, 1954
Western, Film noir


Dan Ballard, a respected citizen in the western town of Silver Lode, has his wedding interrupted by four men led by Ned McCarthy, an old acquaintance who, as a US Marshal, arrests Ballard for the murder of his brother and the theft of $20,000.

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Silver Lode Instrueret af Allan Dwan


With brazen ambiguity, he twists the panic-stricken moralism of Ballard’s persecution into the engine of his deliverance, risks a shockingly sardonic deployment of the Stars and Stripes, and devises the best bell-tower symbolism outside of “Vertigo”; in his calmly furious view, the town’s sweet order spins into chaos through fear of disorder.
July 01, 2013
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Made at a time when the western was both reaching a classical pinnacle and displaying the first signs of genre-cracking inquiries, the film doesn’t starve for political subtext: If nothing is as outré as Joan Crawford trading her white gown for a red shirt in Johnny Guitar, there’s no mistaking the subversive resonance of thugs posing as bearers of the law and a fugitive trying to evade a fickle mob in arid, flag-festooned streets.
June 09, 2010
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