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Pigen fra fængslet

Slightly Scarlet

Instrueret af Allan Dwan
USA, 1956
Krimi, Drama, Film noir


Kleptomaniac Dorothy Lyons is paroled from prison in custody of her sister June, secretary to “reform” political candidate Frank Jansen. Ben Grace, associate of crime boss Sol Caspar, sees this as a way to smear Jansen’s campaign.

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Pigen fra fængslet Instrueret af Allan Dwan


The problem is undercasting, none of the three leads packing enough charisma to sell this James M. Cain scenario (it’s based on one of his stories), nor is Dwan a distinctive enough talent to make up the difference. John Alton does well by the lush colours, and predictably well by the noir-ish shadows, but doesn’t seem entirely convinced that the two belong in the same movie.
September 27, 2014
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Rhonda Fleming… had earthy good-egg qualities Dwan understood and exploited well. Like the late Jane Russell, nature gave Fleming bombshell looks so outrageous they somehow bypass “I’m trouble” and wind up as “everyone’s pin-up pal.”
August 15, 2013
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It’s full of that insouciant stylishness and wisecracking charm characteristic of the best Hollywood B movies.
December 01, 1992
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