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Smilla's Sense of Snow

Instrueret af Bille August
Tyskland, Sverige, 1997
Action, Thriller


Based on Peter Hoeg’s bestseller, this film is set in snowy Copenhagen where a small boy is found dead after he fell off a roof. Smilla Jasperson, a close friend who lives in the same house begins to suspect murder because she knows that the boy was afraid of heights.

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Smilla's Sense of Snow Instrueret af Bille August


The less we know about the half-Greenlandic Inuit, half-American heroine Smilla Jaspersen (Julia Ormond) and about the death of her six-year-old neighbor, an Inuit boy from Greenland, the more gripped we’re likely to be. Similarly, the closer she comes to the truth, the more ready we are to make a beeline for the exit.
March 14, 1997
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