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Efter revolutionen

Après mai

Instrueret af Olivier Assayas
Frankrig, 2012


Set in the early 1970s, Gilles is a high school student in Paris, swept up in the political fever of the time. Yet his real dream is to paint and make films, something that his friends and even his girlfriend cannot understand. For them, politics is everything: the social struggle all-consuming.

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Efter revolutionen Instrueret af Olivier Assayas
This film’s gentler style of fragmentation feels entirely appropriate to the business of recollection at a distance. And, in both visual and sonic terms, from the patterns of the tie-dye T-shirts to the whine of the prog-rock synths, Assayas has recreated the styles of the period in a way that, for once, isn’t distorted by retrospective irony, but is tenderly rather than reverently spot-on – in des images justes.
May 24, 2013
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Olivier Assayas’s latest could be chalked up as Cold Water meets Carlos. But in reality, this may be the consummate Assayas movie, as he distills a career’s worth running themes and motifs (cinephilia, youth run wild, a perfectly curated soundtrack) into one aching portrait of the political and the personal.
September 28, 2012
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[Something in the Air’s] nostalgia trip is oddly free of self-indulgence: from scene to scene, Assayas strikes a remarkably sustained balance between bittersweet remembrance and distanced reportage. The almost inescapably teleological imperative of all autobiographical fiction is balanced here by a curious yet disinterested observation of people in the moment.
September 01, 2012
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