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Streets of Fire

Instrueret af Walter Hill
USA, 1984
Action, Thriller, Kult


Tom Cody is a former soldier hired by his ex-girlfriend’s manager to rescue her after she’s been kidnapped by a biker gang.

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Streets of Fire Instrueret af Walter Hill

Priser & festivaler

Kinema Junpo Awards

1985 | Vinder: Best Foreign Language Film (Readers' Choice)

Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival

1984 | Vinder: Best Actress (Caixa de Catalunya)


It may be the closest American equivalent to the “Cinéma du look” that was coming out of France around the same time (Jean-Jacques Beineix’s DIVA and THE MOON IN THE GUTTER, Luc Besson’s SUBWAY), not only in its overall approach to cinematic spectacle, but in its fetishistic use of music and neon. Maybe this would have been more successful if it had been marketed as an art movie?
November 17, 2017
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The violent hijinks that ensue throughout Streets of Fire serve largely as excuses for Hill to trot out various aesthetic devices, from a seemingly endless supply of color filters to an editing pattern that’s in sync with the propulsive rhythm of the soundtrack. The film’s climax, in which Tom and Raven fight with honest-to-God coal hammers, marks the peak of Hill’s goofy, comic-derived sense of action.
May 17, 2017
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