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Stromboli terra di Dio

Instrueret af Roberto Rossellini
Italien, USA, 1950


The first collaboration between Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman is a devastating portrait of a woman’s existential crisis, set against the beautiful, forbidding backdrop of a volcanic island. Balancing the director’s trademark neorealism with deeply felt melodrama, Stromboli is a revelation.

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Stromboli Instrueret af Roberto Rossellini
Even though his movies had incredible scripts and very incredible actors, they were so alive and happening. . . . Stromboli has always been an important film for me because of how it investigates the relationship between man and nature. There is a very tight, traditional structure, but at the same time there are gaps and openings that allow the mystery to come in.
December 03, 2018
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Rossellini was famously committed to rooting his films in documentary authenticity (“Things are there. Why manipulate them?”), and the fact of location shooting gives the images a powerful charge, making us share in Karin’s alienation and anxiety.
September 03, 2017
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The director’s supreme documentary achievement, however, lies in the recording of his irritable inamorata, a thorny snapshot of a Nordic Hollywood goddess awkwardly traipsing through jagged neorealist terrain and, in the process, delivering one of the medium’s great performances. “You can’t go from one extreme to another… All I want now is a little happiness!” A pivotal bedrock formation in cinema and no mistake, Flaherty and Vidor go in and Antonioni comes out.
July 06, 2015
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