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Take It or Leave It

Võta või jäta

Instrueret af Liina Trishkina
Estland, 2018


One sleepy Saturday morning a 30-year-old construction worker Erik gets some earth shattering news: his ex-girlfriend Moonika who he hasn’t even seen for the past six months is about to go into labor. She however is not ready for motherhood and if Erik doesn’t want the kid either.

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Take It or Leave It Instrueret af Liina Trishkina

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  • johmus's rating of the film Take It or Leave It

    Films about the problems of now and here are too rare in Estonian cinema so to have a debutant tackling the problems of 'Kalevipojat' and single parenthood must be celebrated. More important than the topic is the fact that the film works very well on all the basic levels of humanity and reminds the viewer how important it is to keep the core attached - taking care of loved ones and people close to you is a must do!

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