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The Baby

Instrueret af Ted Post
USA, 1973
Rædsel, Komedie, Kult


Social worker Ann Gentry visits her latest assignment: the Wadsworths — boozy matriarch; her two demented daughters, Alba and Germaine; and Baby, her 21-year-old son who’s being kept in an infantile state, complete with crib and diapers.

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The Baby Instrueret af Ted Post


There’s a master’s thesis on The Baby waiting to be written and I’ll be first in line to read it, but not because I expect to find the film’s provocations tamed or its utter bizarreness gently folded into the seething swamp of things that make us go hmm. I’ve made my peace with The Baby, surrendered to its down-the-rabbit-hole undertow—and I’m just fine with that.
November 12, 2013
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