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The Beast in the Jungle

Instrueret af Clara van Gool
Holland, Luxembourg, 2019


Weatherend House, 1903: John and May circle each other. She says they met, some 11 years ago. His voice-over describes his sense of being predestined for something, a premonition about ‘the beast in the jungle’ striking. What is it though? Love? Death?

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The Beast in the Jungle Instrueret af Clara van Gool

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  • Allison Rung's rating of the film The Beast in the Jungle

    SFIFF 2019. A haphazard take on the James story, with modern dance as its central feature. The use of dance had promise, but it was clouded by various other conceits—period-hopping the worst of them—and by an odd reluctance to let the cast (of professional dancers) dance. We watch them say out lines to each other, do some jerking around, then return to recitation. There was no mystery in this—only frustration.

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