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Instrueret af Steven Spielberg
USA, 2016
Fantasy, Familie


The tale of a young girl, the Queen of England and a benevolent giant known as the BFG, who set out on an adventure to capture the evil, man-eating giants who have been invading the human world.

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The BFG Instrueret af Steven Spielberg

Priser & festivaler

BAFTA Awards

2016 | Kandidat: BAFTA Kids Vote - Feature Film

London Critics Circle Film Awards

2017 | 2 nomineringer inklusiv: Young British/Irish Performer of the Year

Women Film Critics Circle Awards

2016 | 2 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Animated Female

…Because I was ultimately so bored by The BFG—reduced to a glazed state similar to but distinct from actual thrall—my mind wandered instead to another other aged, island-strewn magician. I thought of Prospero, at the end of The Tempest, brandishing his staff and sweetly begging our indulgence as he confesses a fear that his abilities are dwindling. Spielberg’s charms are not yet overthrown, but his movie is not such stuff as dreams are made on.
July 08, 2016
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Despite combining the powers of two of the 20th century’s greatest chroniclers of childhood, there’s something oddly generic about Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG. The skeleton of the story is there but, as is true of the vast majorit yf Dahl’s novels restaged for the big screen, this one has had its edges cut off.
July 08, 2016
The BFG, which stands for Big Friendly Giant, becomes too big, too friendly, and too giant, in its rollicking gambols, patronizing slapstick, and certainly in its swelling sentimentality. The giant functions well as an authorial surrogate—he blows dreams into the heads of sleeping children, a nice metaphor, easily translatable from Dahl to Spielberg—but otherwise the film feels slick and a little anonymous.
July 03, 2016
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  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film The BFG

    I'm a big Dahl fan, and Spielberg's movies are most honest when they center on a lonely child, so the bad buzz didn't faze me and the idea of an old-fashioned kids film was enticing. The question remains, though, whether an old-fashioned kids movie can exist when bombast is a prereq, even here. You have to watch this movie as a gleaner, sifting through for the keepers. As ever, Spielberg's secret weapon is lyricism.

  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film The BFG

    **1/2. Steven Spielberg comes 30 years too late with this Roald Dahl's adaptation. The audience for such a film doesn't exist anymore. It's not Spielberg's fault. A DVD to offer to your grandparents but NOT to your children.

  • Jason's rating of the film The BFG

    Spielberg has a very methodical approach to the visual, and I can think of no recent movie that seems so much like an expert and literal translation of a very smart storyboard directly to the screen. What cannot be accounted for entirely by adherence to storyboard, however, is the role motion plays here (both of the camera and of characters within the mise-en-scène). And the whole thing is as sweet as it ought to be.

  • Steve Pulaski's rating of the film The BFG

    Mark Rylance is a scene-stealer with his distinctive, heavily enunciated vocals, and the film is a dazzling visual spectacle all the way through (leave it to Steven Spielberg to finally find how to make motion capture animation watchable and attractive). Would be a more memorable and commendable effort if the film, however, wasn't quick to start but slow and fairly messy to move after that.

  • Ghostman's rating of the film The BFG

    Refreshingly optimistic, gentle, old-fashioned, and tender. Nowadays only Spielberg can make a film like this. That being said, the film is tainted by Spielberg's blind belief in authority and his conservatism as well as his poor ability to dramatize himself. Still, a very good film.

  • Z's rating of the film The BFG

    A pleasant children's film in a minor key from the maestro of magic Steven Spielberg. Lovely to look at with an elegant, clever visual design. Dazzling special effects never detract from the central story of the friendship between the BFG and Sophie. Mark Rylance's voice work and physicality give the BFG a gawky grace. This film's earnest heart provides relief from the dank cynicism infecting modern day blockbusters.

  • Tigrão's rating of the film The BFG

    A near complete disaster, if it wasn't for Mark Rylance's touching rendition of the giant. The film itself is noisy, visually aggressive (the Disney sauce), vulgar and cheap. Spielberg lost me at the fart jokes. First time i'm objective about one of his films, I think.

  • Marina's rating of the film The BFG

    I don't think one ever reaches an age where children movies stop being moving or funny (or both); yet, as much as I enjoyed the hour and something that I spent with BFG, it didn't thrill me as much as I was anticipating ever since the moment I first watched the trailer. There was something that wasn't captivating me, even though Sophie was amazing and I just love me some brave, endearing female protagonists.

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