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The Big Mouth

Instrueret af Jerry Lewis
USA, 1967
Action, Komedie, Krimi


Gerald Clamson (Jerry Lewis) is a bank examiner who loves fishing. Unfortunately one day at the ocean he reels in an injured gangster in a scuba diving suit named Syd Valentine. Syd tells Gerald about the diamonds he had stolen from the other gangsters and hands him a map.

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The Big Mouth Instrueret af Jerry Lewis


Painfully funny indeed, The Big Mouthprecedes Preminger’s Skidoo and Edwards’ The Party by a year, and like those films is a visionary splintered-society satire cutting through delusions. (What’s real? Advertising and Col. Sanders, who appears in an otherwise pointless cameo.) Only complaint: it should be longer.
December 30, 2013
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The Big Mouth still leaves this juror out on Jerry Lewis… He is funny, but almost never witty. As an artist, he is particularly weak on transitions, on little things, and these are the things at which Chaplin and especially Keaton excelled. I hate to say this to my French friends, but Lewis should be seen, not heard.
July 27, 1967
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