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The Brood

Instrueret af David Cronenberg
Canada, 1979
Rædsel, Sci-Fi


En forstyrret kvinde får en radikal form for psykoterapi på et mystisk institut. Imens bliver hendes 5-årige datter, der bor hos sin fremmedgjorte far, terroriseret af en gruppe dæmoniske væsener.

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The Brood Instrueret af David Cronenberg

Priser & festivaler

Genie Awards

1980 | 5 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design

[Cronenberg’s] third and most totally successful venture into body-horror exploitation, in which emotional repression—that shared specialty of cold-climate countries—breeds actual children, with Samantha Eggar as the proud mother of a litter of homicidal rage babies. (It should be mentioned that almost all of the series will be projected on film, and if this is the same print of The Brood that I saw when freshly struck a couple of years ago, its traumatic images have never looked better.)
February 24, 2017
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Set in deepest Canadian winter, juxtaposing harsh brutalist exteriors against scarcely less inviting cinder-block and wood-panel interiors, The Brood gives off the impression—as most Cronenberg films do—of a neat, clinically surgical procedure, that despite the mealy horror set pieces, its auteur is in supreme command of his communiqué. Nothing could be further from the case, and the results are vital.
October 30, 2015
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Back when I initially saw it in my single¬ton, childless twenties, I was certain that it was a black-comic satire of the role experimental psychotherapy played in a take-no-¬prisoners custody war… I remember the squirm-to-laughter ratio as roughly one to one. Revisiting it now, as a wife and mother, I saw an emotionally realistic horror movie about the collateral damage of divorce. And I found it infinitely more squirm-¬inducing than laugh-provoking.
October 13, 2015
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