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The Cars That Ate Paris

Instrueret af Peter Weir
Australien, 1974
Komedie, Rædsel, Thriller


Arthur wakes up in a quiet country town after a car accident. The mayor takes care of him, but Arthur senses that things are not right. The town’s feral youth take over the streets at night in souped-up cars. And Arthur discovers he is not allowed to leave. Peter Weir’s first feature film.

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The Cars That Ate Paris Instrueret af Peter Weir


Like Picnic At Hanging Rock and The Last Wave—Weir’s next two movies, both similarly difficult to classify—it’s equally unnerving and unnerved. It announces itself with one of those sequences that will never play as well as it did for its original intended audience—mid-’70s Australians, in this case—but remains a lot of fun to watch.
May 14, 2015
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