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The Convent

O Convento

Instrueret af Manoel de Oliveira
Frankrig, Portugal, 1995
Drama, Thriller


The journey of Michael Padovic, an American professor who arrives with his wife, Helene, at a Portuguese convent where he expects to find the documents needed to prove his theory: Shakespeare was born in Spain; not in England.

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The Convent Instrueret af Manoel de Oliveira


Widely hailed as boring, The Convent might not make anybody’s shortlist of the most inviting Oliveira access points, but it is representative (with patience, boredom can be useful, even mystical), underscoring an idea that the impressive thing about him has to do with endurance.
November 30, 2018
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In these films, it’s often the actors’ presence that sustains our interest: as in, for instance, The Convent (O Convento, 1995), a perplexing work in which Catherine Deneuve and John Malkovich play a couple visiting a monastery that is seemingly haunted by demonic forces.
December 01, 2008
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