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The Criminal

Instrueret af Joseph Losey
Storbritannien, 1960
Drama, Krimi, Romantik


An ex-con who’s taken part in the robbery of a racetrack is caught and sent back to prison, but he won’t tell his fellow gang members where he’s stashed the loot. The gang kidnaps his girlfriend and has him tortured in prison in an effort to find out where the money is.

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Labyrinten Instrueret af Joseph Losey

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  • El Biffo's rating of the film Labyrinten

    A good solid gangster picture, not what I was expecting from the usually moody and downbeat Losey. Stanley Baker is cool, detached, not very different than the character he played in Eva. This picture is full of energy, most of it bottled up inside Baker, ready to explode.

  • chanandre's rating of the film Labyrinten

    I appreciated the fusion between British New Wave and american Film Noir tradition. Beautiful ending. Reminded of me Kazan and Preminger reshot by Richardson.

  • Ghostman's rating of the film Labyrinten

    The Criminal is a lean and mean gangster film. It's very fun movie, which is strange thing to say considering it is also just as much a prison movie as it is a gangster film. Joseph Losey directs it just right to the edge of becoming over the top and he finds an eccentric but effective & rebellious tone that embraces its genre trappings without apology and features a fine star performance by Stanley Baker.

  • Katya Kazbek's rating of the film Labyrinten

    I would love this film if only for its music: the beginning, to me, was the most perfect part, when the choir of inmates resounds through the prison, passing on the message that one inmate is back. Their repetitive bellowing intermixes with random sounds, John Dankworth’s moody jazz music, the theme song “Thieving boy”, sung by Cleo Laine and lonesome calypso of Guyanese Tomy Eytle. Unforgettable.

  • Edna Sweetlove's rating of the film Labyrinten

    Jolly good Krimi with our Stan as an Irish hardman, if you can believe that. Patrick Magee excellent as a vicious, two-faced Paddy screw. Unusually, most of the inhabitants of the British jail appear to be Irish - was this a statement by Yank Losey?

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Labyrinten

    With a stellar perfromance by a macho and physically imposing Stanley Baker, Losey's prison drama maintains a tight sense of rhythm, accompished mainly through an array of beautiful shots, from close-ups and moderate canted frames to some exquisite crane shots. Thus the prison environment turns to a blueprint of the sleazy party held upon Johnny's release, culminating in a powerfully tragic (anti)heroic finale.

  • SpacePirate's rating of the film Labyrinten

    Having seen a handful of Losey films, this one stands out as unique and gangsterish in his career, almost harkening back to the classic Cagney gangster films of the 30's. Loved it. Great prison film which is indebted to the great films that came before it, like Brute Force and Riot in Cell Block 11. 3.5 stars, worth a look even though Losey was more effective elsewhere.

  • Lucas Jordan's rating of the film Labyrinten

    During the 1960's, noir films were all the craze and this movie capitalizes on it and then some. Losey does a good job at blending in British cinema with American noir techniques. The synopsis itself although very on the nose when it comes to it being a noir film; still manages to surprise the audience and add a unique twist, at least for its time. Every actor in the film makes you believe they were truly a mobster.

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