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The Death of Dick Long

Instrueret af Daniel Scheinert
USA, 2019
Komedie, Sci-Fi


Holy crap. Dick is dead. Died last night after band practice, and his bandmates, Zeke and Earl, don’t want anybody finding out how. That’s too bad though, ’cause news travels fast in small-town Alabama, and these guys suck at covering their tracks.

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The Death of Dick Long Instrueret af Daniel Scheinert


One senses an attempt on Scheinert’s part to pull off the kind of transformation that the Coen brothers achieved in films like Raising Arizona and Fargo. . . . But many of his characters, as entertaining as they are, don’t quite have the dimensionality to make that work. . . .  That tonal mismatch aside, however, The Death of Dick Long is a delirious and entertaining dumbshit backwoods noir.
January 28, 2019
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