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The Golden Thing

Das Goldene Ding

Vesttyskland, 1972


The 11-year-old Jason goes searching for treasure on his ship, the Argo, along with a crew of Greek princes. Finally they reach the mythical land of Kolchis. Medea, the powerful daughter of the king, falls in love with Jason and helps him in his fight for the Golden Fleece.

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The Golden Thing Instrueret af Edgar Reitz, Nicos Perakis, Alf Brustellin, Ula Stöckl

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  • dionysus67's rating of the film The Golden Thing

    A thoroughly original mode of presenting ancient myth via a joint effort of Reitz with other filmmakers including the talented Perakis. Jason, the Argonauts and Medea are played by children to emphasize the infantile state of humanity under myth (ie. 'dialectic of enlightenment') but the film's virtues lie in the glorious shots of the cliffs, the luminous sea and the battle against the troglodytes in Colchis. Superb!

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