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The Lighthouse Keepers

Gardiens de phare

Instrueret af Jean Grémillon
Frankrig, 1929
Stumfilm, Drama


A lighthouse keeper and his son are stranded by the storm in a lighthouse.

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The Lighthouse Keepers Instrueret af Jean Grémillon


As bleak as the film is, the filmmaking is enthralling. THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS stands alongside Jean Epstein’s great Brittany films, and approaches Roberto Rossellini’s STROMBOLI in its evocative sense of isolation and despair.
July 20, 2018
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Grémillon shifts fluidly between styles, the film flowing like a piece of music. The Lighthouse Keepers is, however, consistently surprising—watching it, you’re never sure how Grémillon will present any particular event or whether the drama will be subtle or bold. You might say that the emotional timbre rises and falls like the waves, which are a prominent motif in the film.
July 19, 2018
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