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The Limits of Control

Instrueret af Jim Jarmusch
USA, Japan, 2009
Avantgarde, Krimi, Mysterie


A nomadic stranger with an impenterable stare, is philosophic and dreamy all at once. He is on a mission and clues reveal little by little what the objective is. With sparse interaction, he journeys across Spain and the landscape of his own psyche.

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The Limits of Control Instrueret af Jim Jarmusch


The movie does not display its director at the top of his form. It is a bravely uncommercial and admirably ambitious film – but also rather thin and superficial. Unlike Dead Man (1995), the masterpiece that Jarmusch has yet to match again, it is a work that gives up all its jewels on a single viewing.
August 01, 2009
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There are limits to artistic self-indulgence," begins Todd McCarthy’s review in Variety. I disagree. And there are no limits to the pleasures that can be afforded from this kind of freedom.
April 24, 2009
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