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The Paradise Suite

Instrueret af Joost van Ginkel
Holland, Sverige, 2015


A story about six people finding each other and, sometimes with just one glance, influencing each other’s lives irreversibly.

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The Paradise Suite Instrueret af Joost van Ginkel


Ginkel transitions points of view from one character to the next in seamless manner as the stakes are raised for all, a feat not so easily accomplished when this number of principal players are involved. Although typical archetypes are present—the wayward child, the pious Christian are most noteworthy, THE PARADISE SUITE offers enough originality in its roles to keep the tension tight throughout.
March 04, 2016
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Music from the conductor’s rehearsal accompanies a masterly montage that lends common pathos to unconnected acts around the city; ultimately the film’s medley of interpersonal crises widens into a moving vista of modern Europe.
March 03, 2016
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The film has formal similarities to Crash, and like Paul Haggis’ film, it wears its issues a little too prominently for comfort… The lethargic pacing and a screenplay which tortuously labours its points mean that film is unlikely garner the word of mouth and the critical support required to make an impact outside of its domestic market.
September 21, 2015
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