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The Ploughman's Lunch

Instrueret af Richard Eyre
Storbritannien, 1983


Richard Eyre’s direction and Ian McEwan’s script uncovers a creeping decay in values, both cerebral and emotional, in Thatcher’s middle-class Britain, with Jonathan Pryce’s selfish and ambitious journalist at the center. A severe film with a disturbing timeliness.

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The Ploughman's Lunch Instrueret af Richard Eyre

Priser & festivaler

BAFTA Awards

1984 | Kandidat: Best Supporting Actress

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  • DK's rating of the film The Ploughman's Lunch

    Could have been great considering the time period, but ends up a bit of a slog. Shot through with a rather lame cynicism that keeps you from sympathizing...well, with anything really. It doesn't even work as satire because the politics are all half-baked, one-note, and the acting likewise shockingly tepid (Charlie Dore's, a stand out in this respect). A low point for McEwan.

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