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The Shooting

Instrueret af Monte Hellman
USA, 1966
Western, Kult


A bounty hunter and his sidekick are talked by a mysterious woman into leading her into the desert on a murkily motivated revenge mission. Things are further complicated by the addition to their crew of an enigmatic drifter who seems to delight in sadistically toying with the two men.

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The Shooting Instrueret af Monte Hellman
Monte Hellman’s low-budget Western, from 1965, offers primal violence with a modernist chill… Hellman’s tight telephoto shots press the characters entomologically against the barren landscape; he revels in the technical charms of the medium and the scruffiness of his B-movie budget as audaciously as a French New Wave director. The blank, cerebral ending is as ingenious as it is mysterious.
July 01, 2016
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Ride in the Whirlwind is unquestionably a great movie, with its direct performances, gorgeous imagery, literate, densely jargoned dialogue, and inventively bifurcated duel-siege structure. ButThe Shooting is the masterpiece of this set: a hauntingly spare and poetic revenge film that gradually transforms into a parable of a snake eating its own tale.
November 19, 2014
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Hellman’s De Chirico–like compositions, unorthodox framing, abrupt contrasts between pregnant close-ups and vast, patient long shots sans dialogue (the thieves’ struggling capture and lynching in Whirlwind are virtually silent), the tactile relationship the characters have to the ominous topography around them—all told, it’s a visionary strategy, and it’s where the antiwestern, as a modernist commentary on and inversion of this most simplistic of all-American genres, was truly born.
November 10, 2014
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