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The Sixties

Instrueret af Amparo Garcia-Crow
USA, 2013
Dokumentar, Historie


A 10-part series chronicles events and popular culture during the 1960s, when tv brought politics, war, the civil rights movement, assassinations, the space race, and sex, drugs and rock and roll into American living rooms.

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The Sixties Instrueret af Amparo Garcia-Crow

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  • Trevor Tillman's rating of the film The Sixties

    An impressively dense time-capsule, even though it could've easily spanned another 10 episodes. The format, devoting each hour-long "chapter" to a different facet of the culture, allows us to faintly experience the emotional highs and lows of an entire decade, with all the bittersweetness of a '60s pop song.

  • mpho3's rating of the film The Sixties

    Covering an entire decade in less than 10 hours is a tall order, but the Tom Hanks executive produced series does an admirable job. The talking heads are well chosen and informative but the biggest draw is that every episode contained at least some footage I'd never seen before of pivotal events. Given the current tumultuous state of things, it is a good reminder that change is gonna come but we endure.

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