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The Sons of Katie Elder

Instrueret af Henry Hathaway
USA, 1965


Ranch owner Katie Elder’s four sons determine to avenge the murder of their father and the swindling of their mother.

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The Sons of Katie Elder Instrueret af Henry Hathaway


Henry Hathaway’s The Sons of Katie Elder is a Siren favorite… David Shipman says this film did not fare well at the 1935 box office. It’s a delicate conceit that strikes some, like Nick Pinkerton, as positively sappy. Well, the Siren, perverse mortal that she is, adores this movie. The lovers’ connection is entirely spiritual; there’s not the slightest hint that their dreams find them doing anything more carnal than romping through meadows together.
March 25, 2014
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The movie bottles up its violence in the tough manner of action films Manny Farber used to honor for their Homeric virtues back in the late forties and early fifties. The virtues of this kind of western are largely negative, that is, antipop, anticamp, and antipretentious. John Wayne is old and tough and implacable, but not entirely lacking in moral sensibility and emotional vulnerability.
September 09, 1965
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