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The Super

Instrueret af Rod Daniel
USA, Japan, 1991


Louie is an unrepentant New York slum landlord who’s given four months to repair one of his crumbling apartment blocks. But Louie’s big problem is that he must live in the run-down building until the repairs are completed.

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The Super Instrueret af Rod Daniel

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  • MGeo's rating of the film The Super

    This is nothing more than a dated, unfunny, moronic, and horrendously shitty comedy movie that does not work at and laughably tries to be a Spike Lee movie. I'd like to say that Joe Pesci only did it for a paycheck, but there is just too much wrong with the script and story for me to believe he thought it was good. He must have accepted it thinking it would be a good follow-up to My Cousin Vinny...but...yeah...awful.

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