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The Third Generation

Die dritte Generation

Instrueret af Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Vesttyskland, 1979


Winter 1978 / 79 in Westberlin. A group of young people – joined together less by their political convictions than their secretive behavior – goes underground after the killer Paul (Raoul Gimenez), flown in from Africa, is shot by the police.

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The Third Generation Instrueret af Rainer Werner Fassbinder


The film’s intertitles are taken from bathroom graffiti; its cinematic references (to Bresson, Tarkovsky, and, especially, Godard) are clever and apt, and the few action scenes are filmed with a razor-sharp pulp efficacy. Fassbinder’s blend of paranoia and whiz-bang wonder is the modern successor to Fritz Lang’s “Dr. Mabuse” films.
November 17, 2014
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A terrorist film, in other words? I’d argue, on the contrary, a dull and rudderless one, principally concerned with the supposedly funky lint inside the collective navels of Herr Fassbinder and his talented entourage. Absence of ulterior motive, indeed: it’s all a matter of internal, in-group references — Fass and His Friends.
September 10, 1980
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