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Hvem myrdede Harry?

The Trouble with Harry

Instrueret af Alfred Hitchcock
USA, 1955
Komedie, Mysterie


Problemet med Harry er, at han er død, og at alle synes at have forskellige forestillinger om, hvad der bør ske med hans krop.

Hvem myrdede Harry? Instrueret af Alfred Hitchcock


As reflective of his own temperament as something like Vertigo (1958), The Trouble with Harry is an exemplary Hitchcock feature: subversive, inviting, entertaining, and containing a throwaway bathtub gag to complement the shower terror of Psycho (1960).
September 24, 2018
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It’s worth noting that THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY is very funny—and often because of, not in spite of, its uncharacteristic gentleness. The Technicolor cinematography (by Hitchcock’s regular cameraman of this period, Robert Burks) is a marvel, too, finding so many warm, expressive tones within the New England foliage that the real world seems to be transforming into a Walt Disney creation.
June 24, 2011
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