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This Sporting Life

Instrueret af Lindsay Anderson
Storbritannien, 1963
Drama, Sport


Despite success on the field, a rising rugby star senses the emerging emptiness of his life as his inner angst begins to materialize through aggression and brutality, so he attempts to woo his landlady in hopes of finding reason to live.

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Livets pris Instrueret af Lindsay Anderson

Priser & festivaler

Cannes Film Festival

1963 | Vinder: Best Actor

Academy Awards

1964 | 2 nomineringer inklusiv: Best Actor in a Leading Role

National Board of Review

1963 | Vinder: Top Ten Films

BAFTA Awards

1964 | Vinder: Best British Actress

1964 | 4 nomineringer inklusiv: Best British Actor


Resnaisian editing brings us into their relationship without preamble, and the images drop us into the spaces between them, seeing each with the other, creating fragmentary sequences of formal and emotional weight.
December 14, 2017
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