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Toute une nuit

Instrueret af Chantal Akerman
Belgien, Frankrig, 1982
Drama, Avantgarde


A number of couples meet, make love, part, dance, drink, eat, talk on the phone and sleep during a hot summer night in Brussels.

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Toute une nuit Instrueret af Chantal Akerman


The biggest point of contention is its veritable assembly of participants, far from minimal, but even in Akerman’s use of excess, she exudes a sort of minimalist maximalism, succesfully visualizing that very economical dichotomy.
October 19, 2018
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Although her narrative approach retains an edge of abstracted essentialism and her visuals remain stark and unfussy, the mood Akerman weaves in Toute Une Nuit has a peculiarly classical feel, calling back to a bygone romanticism of directors like Max Ophuls, Vincent Minnelli, Billy Wilder, Jean Renoir.
September 30, 2017
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