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Instrueret af Paul Verhoeven
Holland, 2012


Real estate tycoon Remco is swept away when his extramarital and business affairs prove more costly than expected.His business partners are scheming behind his back and his former mistress shows up at his birthday party pregnant.Yet, as his world unravels, a clever web of deceit is revealed.

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Tricked Instrueret af Paul Verhoeven
The 55-minute film they arrived at, which immediately follows the documentary, is happily everything that the documentary is not: thrilling, cogent, beautifully structured and paced, and often hilarious, packed with intrigues, multiple ironies, and plot twists that are served up with Verhoeven’s characteristic cheerful vulgarity… This isn’t quite major Verhoeven, but I’ve rarely seen 55 minutes of storytelling put to better purpose.
September 26, 2016
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A serrated rhythm accompanied by a convincing cast makes for a simple but utterly enjoyable viewing experience whose peculiar history only adds to the little wonder this new Verhoeven film is. Screened at the Rome Film Festival alongside the featurette Paul’s Experience, detailing the making of the film, Tricked reveals a director comfortable working on opposite ends of the filmmaking spectrum.
November 12, 2012
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As ever, the paradox of Mr. Verhoeven’s style is that it seems to wallow in tastelessness and transgression even as he remains one of the most classical movie craftsmen. “Tricked” demonstrates how vomit, voyeurism and a scissor-stabbing can act as ingredients in the lightest of screwball confections.
February 25, 2016
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  • Vinny's rating of the film Tricked

    "Tricked" is a sexually charged comedy which includes a documentary on how the movie came to be before it even begins. Paul Verhoeven demonstrates a real taste for unfortunate events as a means of creating humor. Everyone likes to say they care about everyone's well being, but if you haven't ever laughed at a youtube video of someone falling off a dock into water while fully clothed then you will not like this movie!

  • josé neves's rating of the film Tricked

    Narrative handy cam, teeming and "noisy", of a fiction of mistakes, typical in Verhoeven, and not so attractive or smarter than it used to be. The story is fun, but obvious, and it is only just that - a plot. There is an idea of cinema: when two characters lurk another one, on the top of her building.A brief plan for a thankfully short film.

  • Jason's rating of the film Tricked

    A brisk micro-feature preceded by a serviceable documentary detailing its production's unusual crowd-sourcing (and opposed to crowd-funding) methodology, TRICKED has to be considered a somewhat disappointing outing from the great Verhoeven, its general jauntiness bordering all too often on outright vapidity. Essentially a jocular exercize in ironic comeuppance, you might also accuse it of fatuous righteousness.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Tricked

    Things were tied up a bit too cleanly. The husband clearly did not suffer enough. The documentary part sucked. The best part of the movie was Rammstein.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Tricked

    Kudos to Verhoeven for trying this experiment. It does illustrate the peril of not heeding the dictum, "Know how it will end before you begin!" Big pacing issue: Once we see what Merel sees, the audience is ahead of the film for too long before the scissors. This could have been remedied by NOT showing us what Merel sees. The scissors scene is still good, but it could have packed more of a Hitchcockian wallop.

  • Samuel Wells's rating of the film Tricked

    The experiment to the film is contrived and the decision to include a documentary that almost matches the film in length does it no service. I felt worn out by the time that I reached the film proper. The plot itself felt like it was written by that many authors, which is a bad sign for any narrative. The movie just never comes together to do anything more than appreciate the wheels didn't come off of the project.

  • Slappy McGee's rating of the film Tricked

    First half is Verhoeven explaining his process of making this film where he crowd-sourced out the screenplay. Plays as a "behind-the-scenes / making-of" kind of doc for the first 35 minutes. Last hour is the film itself which is perfectly fine, but nothing more. A simple little film that is well acted, filmed and directed. Nothing of great note, but enjoyable enough.

  • dotvom's rating of the film Tricked

    An interesting but somewhat poorly executed concept. Featuring both narrative and documentary style parts, this film has a fascinating approach. The characters left something to be desired but overall it was worth watching.

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