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TRON: Legacy

Instrueret af Joseph Kosinski
USA, 2010


Sam Flynn is the tech-savvy orphaned son of the computer programmer who both created and was abducted by his videogame ‘The Grid’. When pulled into the same cybersphere as his father, Sam goes on a quest to stop the evil Clu from taking control of the world.

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TRON: Legacy Instrueret af Joseph Kosinski

Priser & festivaler

Academy Awards

2011 | Kandidat: Best Achievement in Sound Editing

Austin Film Critics Association

2010 | Vinder: Best Original Score


TRON: Legacy looks into a future where, thanks to motion picture technology, flesh becomes virtual, allowing a vicarious enjoyment of any dream or nightmare we can choose. Just as basic logic evades the screenwriters, the rules of physics and biology need no longer apply to human beings, once subjected to code. Perfection, or a facsimile of it, is within arm’s reach.
March 01, 2014
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