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Fuk sau

Instrueret af Johnnie To
Hongkong SAR, Frankrig, 2009
Krimi, Drama, Action


When gangsters shoot a French woman in her Macau home after murdering her husband and kids, she calls her father for help, a retired assassin turned chef. While investigating Macau’s underworld, he crosses the path of 3 hitmen, whom he hires to lead him through the particulars of the local triads.

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Vengeance Instrueret af Johnnie To
This stylization lends elegance to a brutal world. Style and content come together merging the graceful with the ugly.
September 02, 2018
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If you want to know what great filmmaking looks like, watch how [To] aligns people inside his frame, creating first visual interest through their arrangement — he often places the three assassins in a triangle — and then visual excitement when they start to move. He likes fast edits and restless cameras, and dynamically mixes long shots with close-ups, but his images bristle with tension before he makes a single cut.
December 09, 2010
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It contains all of the striking emphasis on movement one would expect from a To film, including a myriad of superb action set pieces orchestrated in truly unique locales, but it lacks the character complexity inherent in To’s best work, relegating most of the manly interactions to simple grunts oozing with obvious genre cues and drama. In this sense, Vengeance is uneven, fractured, and occasionally trite, even while consistently engaging the beauties of extreme stylization.
December 05, 2010
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