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Wild Plants

Instrueret af Nicolas Humbert
Schweiz, Tyskland, 2016


A film that takes us to urban gardens in post-industrial Detroit, to Native American philosopher Milo Yellow Hair in Wounded Knee, to the wild plantations of Zurich’s legendary ‘Guerilla Gardener’ Maurice Maggi, and to the innovative horticulture cooperative ‘Les Jardins de Cocagne’ in Geneva.

Wild Plants Instrueret af Nicolas Humbert

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  • findfilm's rating of the film Wild Plants

    Be prepared to be completely taken by this film with it's deliberately sub-pedestrian pace, minimal dialogue and absence of plot. The film's reluctant heroes are profoundly but simply connected with the life force that sustains us all and yet is so threatened. Background traffic, aircraft and decaying houses are a subtle reminder of where we are at as a species. Also featured is a stunning original soundtrack.

  • Michael Rozek's rating of the film Wild Plants

    A rare and moving case of a "documentary"'s form expressing even more about the film's meaning than the information the film imparts. The film actually structurally mirrors its subject, that of "sustainability," by being its own ecosystem--it's that full of internal symmetry and almost limitless layers. All the people and places in it are connected by mystical, invisible threads. As such: a miracle.

  • pjmodos's rating of the film Wild Plants

    Such a calm feeling embraced me while watching this film. At the same time, it reminded me of how isolated I am and how the people of the documentary are connected to nature in a philosophical way. They figured out what really matters while most of us struggle in a life that is not true to our nature. I will always remember the guy who plants the seeds around the city highways and his pioneer plant comrades.

  • Juan Fran's rating of the film Wild Plants

    A beautiful, poignant film and an example of the importance of slow cinema.

  • anarresti's rating of the film Wild Plants

    Such beautiful slowness. Time is the main character, it seems. There are no obvious clichés of landscape, bucholism or primitivism. The humans here speak in a straightforward fashion that opens way to possibilities of spirituality and personal connection to nature. Like one of the gardners says, this is a very concrete thing. It feels wise and coherent being part of the tree of life again, and of the cycles of life.

  • Eric Rucker's rating of the film Wild Plants

    Wonderful cinematography and editing from Marion Neumann and Simone Fürbringer. The words and direction strain after attempted profundity but it is the poetry of the filming and editing where the life is.

  • ejonline's rating of the film Wild Plants

    Although I enjoyed spending time with the people featured in this film it wasn't revelatory. This is not a complaint, I enjoyed being reminded of simple truths as demonstrated in particular locales (e.g., the streets of Zurich). Why three stars? I'm not exactly sure, but upon reflection, perhaps the star rating system is designed to register excitement. I liked this well enough, which again, isn't a knock. It's ok.

  • Anand's rating of the film Wild Plants

    This film would be so much more powerful without the commentary. What makes this subculture interesting is that it is an active practice, and like all true artists they have done a terrible job of talking about it. It would be a disservice to them to reduce it all to very banal talk about transformation and recycling that have been endlessly appropriated by everyone from New Age Gurus to giant corporations.

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