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Within Our Gates

Instrueret af Oscar Micheaux
USA, 1920
Drama, Romantik


Abandoned by her fiancé, an educated negro woman with a shocking past dedicates herself to helping a near bankrupt school for impoverished negro youths.

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Within Our Gates Instrueret af Oscar Micheaux


A boldly bifurcated story, complexly told using flashbacks, cut-aways, memories, a North/South geographic divide, and dreamed visions of nightmarish reality.
August 10, 2019
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Oscar Micheaux’s bold, forceful melodrama, from 1919—the oldest surviving feature by a black American director—unfolds the vast political dimensions of intimate romantic crises. . . . Heaven as a reward for their unquestioning submissiveness. Micheaux’s narrative manner is as daring as his subject matter, with flashbacks and interpolations amplifying the story; a remarkable twist regarding Sylvia’s identity, slipped in at the end, opens up a nearly hallucinatory historical vortex.
December 22, 2017
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Micheaux’s film is significant not only for its place within American film history, but also for the way it displays the complexity of race relations between people and regions.
February 08, 2013
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